Friday, March 21, 2014

DeVry University brings LED Dice project to Piner Campus

De Vry Visits Piner High- March 13 2013

MAKE and HSB create a LED Dice

Students from the Health Science/Biotech program joined with MAKE students to learn about De Vry University offerings and then worked together to create a circuit board that 
Dr. Mack Modifi greets students, provides information about the Biomedical Technician program
at DeVery university and explains the LED Dice project they brought for us to construct

Dean _______ from De Vry works with HSB Justin Mann on how to use the soldering iron to secure the resistors and the capacitors on the circuit board

HSB Student Franco Fernandez works with MAKE students solder the parts of the LED dice - MAKE students were gracious and helpful to HSB students who had their first opportunity to make a circuit board

 Michelle Penaloza works diligently                                                          Nathalie Mares experiments with
to find the correct parts to solder                                                              some of the Biomedical equipment
on to the circuit board !                                                                            brought to campus by DeVry-                                                                                                                      here she uses an Oxygen meter on                                                                                                                her finger while using an electronic                                                                                                                temperature probe      
Zane Henderson (HSB) uses cool tools to MAKE a circuit board

Esme and Eva were naturals at soldering circuits. Eva states this is second nature to her since she helps her dad builds birdhouses at home.

Piner High MAKE instructor, Dante DePaola works with Justin to show him the finer aspects of creating a soldering joint that is neat and tidy

Shania and Tyler work together to make sure capacitors and resistors get in the right places on their boards

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Students discuss Scientific Art at Buck Institute

HSB III Students visited the Scientist as Artist display in the Foyer of the Buck Research Institute. Each student was pre-assigned one piece of art to research so they could give us a simple explanation about some of the Science behind the Art. Julie Mangada ( Research Scientist and PHS STEM cafe speaker) joined us to listen and was impressed with the academic effort of our students. Below are the students next to their picture. January 10, 2014
                                                    This is a topography of the immunochemistry                                                                                                 of a mouse brain. The similarities of the                                                                                                        human brain and mouse brain are shockingly                                                                          similar in structure and organs.

With over 3000 mutant strands, C. elegans are widely used in laboratory experiments such as aging, because they are so easily and cheaply maintained

This is HeLa cells and it is just a long line of cells that came from a tumor from an Africa American. HeLa cells are used in various laboratories and are used to study the cause of diseases and to examine the offect of medicine. 

This is a photo of a crystallized sulfur. Sulfur is inside our bodies and bond together to make several parts of our bodies. Sulfur helps the skin create elasticity, which creates a youthful look for people. Once the elasticity wears down with aging, wrinkles start to appear because of the looser bonds sulfur has with each other. 

The picture shows the co-localization of two enzymes with iron as a co-factor in a dopaminergic neuron. The yellow that is seen represents iron. Iron in the body is good, but high amounts of it has a negative effect. Parkinson's Disease is one of the diseases that is researched because its cause relates to the amount of iron in the body.

The artwork above displays a young and mature round worm. The one on the left is the mature one and as you can see has lost organs and nutrients. The young round worm is thicker and full of nutrients and organs. 


The image shown here is of an experiment done with mice with symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. The lines are the tracings of the paths that the mice took around a circular arena. The mice on the left with more tracings are the ones that have the symptom of wandering, the mice on the right are healthy.
Julie, showing us how Breast Cancer cells have a distinctly different, unhealthy look- bloated irregular- unsightly for sure !




This is a picture of a data plot overlaid by a gene interaction network of a cell. A gene interaction network shows how certain parts of a cell

3D view of Juan and the 3D bird !
What you see here is the two different types of fat(adipose) cells put into a collage. The two types are known as white fat and brown fat. White fat tissue serves three main functions: heat insulation, mechanical cushion, and a source of energy. Brown fat is full of mitochondria. Studying fat for aging is vital since fat creates Leptin in our body, an important hormone in regulating appetite.

Julie and the class in front of her picture of Baby brain cells.

HSB at the Buck !!

Then we fed our  hungry brains at the dining hall on the Dominican campus and had an awesome campus tour !

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Harlem Shake worms (C. elegans)

We spent days working with these Nematodes and watching them thrash in different concentrations of alcohol...and we appreciate the movements seen here !
Best Quote- " I never thought it would be so hard to keep these worms alive !"

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Job Shadow internships

Each spring our students venture out with community mentors to learn more about the daily responsibilities in their career interest area. Below are some examples of just how much fun and learning our students had on site in Sonoma County:

Vista Health Clinic: Future Faces of Family Medicine:

FFFM Participants Spring 2013

Here is a link to the newsletter article written in Sonoma magazine.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Piner HS/SSU Summer Internship Crew
(left to right) Sera Matasau, Victoria Trier, Anissa Garcia, Chris Campbell, Ryan Williamson ( SSU Graduate and Student Teacher), Christian Barnard, Raya Zopolos, Tommy Nguyen
 Students from the HSB program were invited ( and paid) to work with Ryan at Sonoma State in a Biotechnology lab to trouble shoot a lab protocol that Ryan created for students to test the GMO content of foods. They made their own solutions ( using their great Chemistry skills), prepared and run gels such as the one seen below and then like most scientists...had to go through the troubleshooting problems when they did not get anticipated results.

Gel showing GMO markers in Food

Friday, May 31, 2013

HSB Class of 2013 !

Here are our proud graduates of the HSB pathway- Keep making Piner Proud of all of your accomplishments !
And here is my friend Rashna...shaking my biceps off !!

Here is our latest newsetter

Health and Science Investigation Pathway.


              We are proud to present the graduates of our HSI pathway. Each student ** has completed 2-3 years of challenging curriculum in addition to the required internship hours. The following list shows the exciting next step for our graduates !! Good luck !


Community Internship
Future plans….
Jessica Aguilar **
Monica Okuhbo SRJC
SRJC> UOP or SJSU- Kinesiology
Keishla Batista **
Vista Clinic – Family Medicine
4 year college – RN or Nurse practioner
Devyn Breslin
Kaiser: ICU- Pulmonary
Santa Rosa Junior College- EMT ? DB degree
Jonathan Campos **
Vista Clinic – Family Medicine
4 year college- Professional soccer
Jennifer Gonzales**
Vista Clinic – Family Medicine
 Santa Rosa Junior College> 4 year: Biology
Ivonne Gutierrez **
Kaiser- Occupational medicine
SRJC> Psychologist
Gissell Jacome
Vista Clinic – Family Medicine
UC Santa Cruz- Health Science major
Pardeep Kaur **
Kaiser - Orthopedics
Santa Rosa Junior College
 Koumarianos **
Kaiser: admitting and  nutrition and Family Medicine
Santa Rosa Junior College with plans to transfer to UCLA- Psychologist
Arley Lara  **
Pet Care Hospital
SEJC> Veterinary program UC Davis
Karina Lozano **
Vista Clinic – Family Medicine
SRJC> Nursing
Holley Maassen
Memorial: Dr. Wilbur: pathology, Dr. Marcus: Cosmetic Surgery
UC Davis- Biology
Yessica Moran
Vista Clinic – Family Medicine
Dominican University- Biology
Jose Ochoa **
Monica Okuhbo SRJC
Santa Rosa Junior College
Alexander Pulley **
Family dentist
Samantha Rauscher **
Wikiup Vet Hospital
SRJC- Law school !
Noemi Sanchez **
Vista Clinic – Family Medicine
SRJC> Med School Family Physician
Melissa Sandoval **
St. Joseph Urgent Care,
Dr. Shettlyer DDS
Santa Rosa Junior College
Rashna Sharma
Kaiser- Redwood Radiology
Santa Rosa Junior College- Rad Tech
Kristine Soy
Vista Clinic – Family Medicine
Arizona State University- Biology
Hao( Dave) Tran **
Marc Archambault-  Back to Golf
San Jose State University- kinesiology
Brennen Urrutia **
Blood Guys-Memorial Hospital
BYU in Idaho